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  • Gold and¬†diamond¬†jewelry
  • Estate jewelry
  • Broken gold pieces
  • Dental gold
  • Sterling silver flatware
  • Gold and silver
  • Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe
  • Other fine Swiss watches

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Jewelry Loan


If you are not interested in selling your jewelry, no worries, we can loan you cash on it. Your credit score doesn’t matter, we will simply loan you cash and take your gold or jewelry as collateral.

The Process

Simply fill out the contact form below with information on the jewelry you would like to borrow money on and we will contact you. We make every effort to reply within 24 hours.

We will help you determine the top price we can loan you on your jewelry.

From that step, we invite you to bring in your item and together we can establish a loan amount using your jewelry as collateral. The value may sometimes be more or less what we estimate online. Once we agree on an amount, we will provide you with a written contract reflecting the amount loaned, payment breakdown, due date and description of your item. We will pay you cash instantly and store your item in one of our high security safes.

From the day we make your loan, you have up to four months to pay back in cash only with an interest rate and fee set by the State of California and redeem your jewelry. You can redeem your jewelry at any time during our normal business hours and do not need to make an appointment in advance.

At the end of the four-month period, if you still have not picked-up your jewelry, we will send you a certified letter giving you notice that your loans are about to expire. From the day we mail the notice, we will give you an additional ten (10) days to redeem your jewelry. At any time during this process, you can redeem your jewelry or renew it for an additional four-month period, should we agree to extend the loan.

If you do not want to get a quote online, you can also call us or visit our store. We pay in cash the instant you get the loan and there is no credit check necessary. We use your jewelry as collateral with absolutely no interaction with your credit score. All our loans are confidential. We do not share your information with any outside companies, other than required by law. You must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid government issued photo I.D.

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